Speaking Engagements

Darren Sim is a Singapore-based international digital & product technology leader, who has been an invited speaker at global conferences, meet-ups and user-groups since 2005.

Having delivered over 50 presentations across the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam, Darren is frequently rated amongst the top 25% of speakers.

Topics that Darren has spoken on includes: Agile/Lean Software Delivery, APIs, DevOps, Digital Strategy, Digital Media, Game Development, Web Development, and Software Security.

A firm believer that knowledge is best when shared, Darren is always excited to share and learn. For speaking engagements, please get in touch.

Note: Darren generally speaks on a pro-bono basis in conferences & meet-ups that does not require additional travel.

Past Presentations

TopicConference / OrganisationLocationDate
PANEL DISCUSSION III: Fast-Tracking Application Modernisation and Embracing Agility in Digital EnterpriseC-Engage Convention 2023 Future CIO Conference 🔗 | 📦Singapore27.09.2023
Moving towards DevOps Maturity: Alleviating Misconceptions and Deriving the Optimum3rd CIO Innovation Forum SingaporeSingapore16.03.2022
Evolving your Legacy Stack to Unlock benefits of the Cloud & BeyondMicroservices,Containers And Serverless DayAuckland, New Zealand15.11.2019
Microservices Delivery Patterns – Delivering Innovation and Experimentation at Scale121 Test Automation and DevOps DayAuckland, New Zealand17.09.2018
Increasing Software Success and Reducing Waste by Pushing Quality Upstream with TDD and BDD121 Test Automation and DevOps DayAuckland, New Zealand17.09.2018
Performing Social Media Sentiment Analysis & Topic Modelling with AWSAuckland AWS Community Meet-upsAuckland, New Zealand06.09.2018
How Leading Software Companies Delivery Software and Experiments at Scale with Feature Toggles.IAG New Zealand Guilds WeekAuckland, New Zealand03.05.2018
Code Retreat: Conway’s Game of LifeUniversity of Auckland Information Technology Club (ITC)Auckland, New Zealand29.09.2017
Shortening the Customer Feedback Loop with Feature SwitchingTest Automation Summit 2017Auckland, New Zealand26.09.2017
Shortening the Customer Feedback Loop with Feature SwitchingMYOB Brownbags AucklandAuckland, New Zealand14.09.2017
Discovering IOT with Philip Hue and IFTTTPhilips Hue Launch EventSingapore01.02.2014
Integrating with Windows 8 ExperiencesMicrosoft Build for Windows 8Singapore01.03.2012
HTML 5, CSS3 and ASP.NET Best Practices by ExampleMicrosoft Community Technology Update (CTU)Singapore01.01.2012
Social Media Essentials and The new WebInfocomm Development Authority of SingaporeSingapore01.08.2011
Commercial Potential: Does social media have revenue potential? In what context? What are the risks and rewards? Are commercial players welcome?Asia Publishing Convention 2011Bangkok, Thailand01.07.2011
Cost efficiencies: Can social media marketing reduce cost? Go where the traffic is, understand networking, research and promote your product without waste.Asia Publishing Convention 2011Bangkok, Thailand01.07.2011
Effective PresentationsInfocomm Development Authority of SingaporeSingapore27.06.2011
Things every ASP.NET developer should know in this Web2.0 ERAMicrosoft Community Technology Update (CTU)Singapore24.06.2011
Developing Scalable Applications with ASP.NET MVCTechInsights ConferencePenang, Malaysia24.09.2010
Visualizing your ASP.NET app with RazorTechInsights ConferencePenang, Malaysia23.09.2010
The ABC of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more: where is the commercial pay-off?Asian Publishing Convention 2010Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam09.07.2010
Developing Service Centric Applications with Windows Workflow 4.0TechInsights ConferenceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia01.07.2010
Building Service Oriented Applications with WCF 4.0TechInsights ConferenceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia29.06.2010
Introduction to ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX & Visual Studio 2010Temasek PolytechnicSingapore05.02.2010
Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery NetworkTechEdColumbo, Sri Lanka09.02.2010
Next Generation Web Application with ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010TechEdColumbo, Sri Lanka08.02.2010
Getting Productive with the Microsoft Office SuiteSingapore Management UniversitySingapore22.01.2010
What’s So Smart About Smart Phones?IDA Silver Infocomm DaySingapore01.12.2009
New Media, New YouSingapore Management UniversitySingapore24.10.2009
Accessing Windows with .Net 4.0TechInsights ConferencePenang, Malaysia18.09.2009
Membership awareness in Web applicationsTechInsights ConferencePenang, Malaysia18.09.2009
Introduction to Microsoft Developer PlatformsSingapore Management UniversitySingapore21.08.2009
Building a SMS Ready websiteSingapore Management UniversitySingapore28.05.2009
Building Responsive ApplicationsSingapore Management UniversitySingapore15.04.2009
How to Maximize Your PowerPoint PresentationContact Center Association of SingaporeSingapore17.03.2009
Building Scalable C# Applications for HRMINDEFSingapore05.03.2009
Dynamic Master Pages with ASP.NET 3.5Singapore28.02.2009
Portal Development with ASP.NET and WSSSingapore14.02.2009
Developing Interactive Web 2.0 Sites with ASP.NET 3.5Singapore31.01.2009
Connecting to the World with Microsoft LIVE!Singapore10.01.2009
Discovering Microsoft Windows Vista & Making it Work for youSingapore29.11.2008
Framework DesignSGDotNet UsergroupSingapore22.11.2008
End-To-End Development with the Microsoft .NET PlatformNanyang Technological UniversitySingapore20.10.2008
Quick Intro to .NET 3.5Singapore12.09.2008
Re-learning user friendly design for print, websites, PDAs or mobile phonesAsia Publishing ConventionSingapore14.08.2008
Inviting the World to your WebsiteYouth.SG ForumSingapore26.07.2008
Video Editing for beginners made easy (Windows Movie Maker)Bali Ophthalmology RetreatBali, Indonesia25.04.2008
PowerPoint presentations made easy and guidelines to using Keynotes!Bali Ophthalmology RetreatBali, Indonesia24.04.2008
Video Editting with Windows Movie MakerMicrosoftSingapore17.04.2008
Windows Live SDKSgDotNet UsergroupSingapore06.03.2008
Developing your own E-Microsoft Office with ASP.NET 2.0, Microsoft Ajax and OpenXMLTechEdKuala Lumpur, Malaysia13.09.2007
Developing a Web-Based Chat System with ASP.NET 2.0, Ajax & SQL Server 2005 ExpressTechEdKuala Lumpur, Malaysia12.09.2007
The Next Web’s Here! Where are you?Singapore Management UniversitySingapore20.08.2007
Code Focus: SilverlightSGDotNet UsergroupSingapore02.08.2007
Lighting up the web with SilverlightSGDotNet UsergroupSingapore05.07.2007
Game Development with Microsoft XNAInstitute of Technical EducationSingapore01.06.2007
ROUNDTABLE: The importance of Security in GamesInternational Game Developers’ AssociationSingapore26.05.2007
XNA DemystifiedInternational Game Developers’ AssociationSingapore26.05.2007
Expressions Web Lab SessionSingapore Management UniversitySingapore12.05.2007
Game Development in XNA, Vista & XBOX 360Ngee Ann PolytechnicSingapore08.05.2007
LOVE Campus Launch: Introduction to XNASingapore24.04.2007
The Web Development Eco-system with VSTS, ASP.NET 2.0 & Microsoft Ajax LibraryVSLive!San Francisco, USA27.03.2007
MediaCentre DEMOMicrosoftSingapore11.03.2007
Game Development with XNAMSDN SingaporeSingapore03.03.2007
Opening up the New Office File Format with OpenXMLOffice UsergroupSingapore13.02.2007
Introduction to Microsoft Ajax LibrarySingapore09.02.2007
Meet the Experts SessionSingapore31.01.2007
Microsoft Ajax LibraryMSDN SingaporeSingapore29.01.2007
Microsoft Expression ToolsDevCon’06Singapore16.12.2006
Science of Game Development & Leaveraging on XNASGDotNet UsergroupSingapore14.12.2006
XNA Game DevelopmentMSDN SingaporeSingapore09.12.2006
Creating Rich Web Experience with Microsoft AjaxSingapore08.12.2006
ST National Newspaper CompetitionSingapore Press HoldingsSingapore21.11.2006
Web Development with .NETSingapore16.11.2006
Introduction to Game Development and Microsoft XNASGDotNet UsergroupSingapore02.11.2006
Evolving the Web with ASP. NET 2.0 and the Microsoft Ajax FoundationTemasek PolytechnicSingapore01.11.2006
XNA – An Academia SharingSingapore30.10.2006
XNA – An OverviewInternational Game Developers’ AssociationSingapore28.10.2006
Introduction to Microsoft XNASingapore21.10.2006
Windows Vista, An IntroductionSingapore30.06.2006
Remix06 – Ask the ExpertsREMIXSingapore29.06.2006
Developing Windows and Live GadgetsREMIXSingapore29.06.2006
Atlas Cool DemosMicrosoftSingapore10.06.2006
DPE/MVP Sharing SessionMicrosoftSingapore18.05.2006
MSDN Day Singapore – Ask The Experts SessionMSDN SingaporeSingapore05.05.2006

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